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The past few weeks have seen some exciting developments in the little world of Oblivion mods, and from the looks of things, the next few weeks will be just as exciting.

Under the tireless lead of corepc, Martigen's Oblivion Mod reached the milestone of a new release - version 3.5.3 - with an open beta testing already available for 3.5.4.

Dev_akm and the Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul team have been hard at work as well, releasing a new version - 1.32 RC 5 - and improving the compatibility with MMM.

It is a pleasure to see both mods survive the departure of their original authors and slowly move towards improved gameplay, balance and stability.

Ismelda Lasombra led an effort to translate and improve on Banasplit's Better Cities. The project is now known as Better Cities Translated and includes other translated city improvements mods, several modders at work and compatibility plugins.

Most importantly, the past few weeks saw the return of Jaga Talesin and the much awaited completion of a massive update to Streamline. Streamline 3.1 (now in open beta testing) is possibly THE single most important piece of software for anyone who wants to run Oblivion with a significant number of mods. The latest version includes Streamsight, a new feature that hides distant object behind a dynamic fog and results in a impressive gain in performance.

These are only highlights from the dozens of active projects currently in development by the modding community. One can never thank them enough for giving Oblivion its full potential as a playground, more than just a game.